Dice & Dachshunds

A couple of humans and a couple of dachshunds discuss designer board games!

April 26th, 2017    

Ep 11 - Games to Play While Drinking

In response to a listener request, we discuss four different games that we think would be great options for playing while tipsy: Junk Art, Pitch Car, Push It, and Spyfall.  Also, we have a new youtube channel!  Go check out Never Enough Games!


September 11th, 2016    

Ep 9 - Above & Below, Tzolk’in, Iki, Ice Cool, Junk Art

After a long break, we're back!  This episode we discuss Mayan worker placement game Tzolk'in, storytelling game Above & Below, Iki, a hard-to-find Japanese market game with a rondel mechanic, and two family-friendly dexterity games - Ice Cool & Junk Art!


March 5th, 2016    

Ep 5 - Safranito & Catacombs 3rd Ed

We discuss two dexterity games - Safranito, which involves tossing poker chips to buy & sell spices, and Catacombs, a dungeon crawler crossed with shuffleboard.  Fun fun!


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