Dice & Dachshunds

A couple of humans and a couple of dachshunds discuss designer board games!

January 24th, 2018    

Ep 14 - Too Many Bones, Ex Libris, Dungeon Petz & Pandemic Legacy 2

This episode we talk about extravagant cooperative "dice building RPG" Too Many Bones, librarian worker placement game Ex Libris, entirely-too-dangerous-pet shop worker placement game Dungeon Petz, and (spoiler free!) legacy cooperative game Pandemic Legacy Season 2.


April 12th, 2016    

Ep 7 - Concordia & Orleans

We circle back around to discuss our post-play impressions of Elder Sign & Mysterium.  Then we talk about Orleans & Concordia, two excellent competitive Euro games you should be playing.


February 24th, 2016    

Ep 4 - Steampunk Rally & Robinson Crusoe

We discuss Steampunk Rally, a wild & wooly card drafting/dice placement racing game, and Robinson Crusoe, a highly thematic, co-operative worker placement survival game that will chew you up & spit you out (but in a good way).


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